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I have been suckered into a scam on the net that I would like to share and warn all people about.It involves promises by the above mentioned firms (who incidenataly I think are the same company.

First you are given promises , offers and assurances of vast profits by dropshipland at quite a cost ,but are given goods to sell on independant auctions , you are also given options to buy a website .Remember before you buy the website you have already paid 74 quid odd as a subsrciption to gain access to 4500 items to sell as you see fit.

The website costs AT LEAST another 60 quid ,thinking that you have previously subscribed for an offer where all wares are available for you to sell , you are then offered further products to sell in the same catories that you have previously already subscribed to , there is a choice of at least ten categories where you will have to pay a further £25 pound for each of these.

But wait ,on the original page you are told you will be given valuable information to improve your sales techniques once you have purchased your site .How much are you supposed to pay for FREE info , another wonderful add inside their site is recieve google adwords free , pay only 24 .95.Again how much is free info supposed to cost lol.

Believe me thats not all ,I bought the website and chose my web address and extension ,That was two days ago.I was promised it would be up and running within 30 mins ,ha.

There`s more tried to phone them this morning 9,00am sharp I was still listening to their message at 9.50am on an 0844 number.

I`m usually a very cynical person about these internet operations , but this lot seemed above board and their advertising is very convincing. Dropshipland are not about your profits , believe me,you are constantly bombarded with offers to "help improve". Thankfully once I entered the website sales area I have`nt gone anyfurther or spent any more money on their "products" due to the poor customer support they offer.

One last thing that I think is vital to tell you , I recieved sales on my auction site ,where I have been a member for over ten years,on seven items in the dropshipland catalogue ,none of the seven items were available for sale when I went to purchase them for my customers.I contacted them through e-mail and was told that their catalogue update software was faulty and that I should just use the listing options.

Some people might say that Dropshipland are just showing good salesmanship

and pushing their product , but I doubt very much if their product exists.Or if it does it is only for their benefit and not you; their potential customer.

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I agree I sighed up to Dropshipland and never got the website working.Despite numerous calls I was left hanging on the phone in a supposed que.

I decided to see how long I would have to wait for someine to pick up and waited over 40 minutes and gave up.Goods are expensive and I would advise anyone to avoid this company.


Same here, rip off merchants, bought a website for £79.99, did'nt realise it was a yearly subscription, paypal have just paid for a 2nd year and my website has never been used, no sales and i can't even get the website up !!!!!!!!!!!!!no sales, no nothing, i'm a single mother and thought i could make some money, what a mistake, i've lost £160.

Don't bother ringing them cos they won't answer the phone.

I hate this company.STAY CLEAR


Lost over £300 with them never sold 1 item in 2 years DONT WASTE YOU TIME OR MONEY PLEASE


dropshipland are a buch of rip off merchants.they promissed FULL csv files.

wheni asked for them so i could add atributes to goods such as lingerie, they told me they dnt offer tht service. what a lot of bollox! FULL csv files means FULL csv files.

all they do is try to force you to sell on ebay.i built my own shopping cart and know exactly what to do they seemed to realise this and wouldnt do anything to make it weasy to sell their stuff.



This guys simply took advantage of people who were desperate to make a living online.I bought a website package that went off after a couple of months showing errors.

The customer login on their website also stopped working and the domain now loads as if it's not hosted any longer. As you can imagine, no responses to emails sent to the support or sales team has been received. Unlike the joker who said we don't read the terms and conditions, some of us do.

How do you deal with a service provider who cuts your service in the middle of your contract and won't respond your emails?Go figure


James - victim of onlinewebtra, on 16-11-2010 10:46

I am sad to read your comment. If you want to stop the payment, please go to paypal and cancel subscription. If you don't know how, Please use help section in paypal about 'subscription cancellation'.

The dropshipland land makes it almost impossible to get out of it. No any written about getting out. So it could be easily considered for dishonest practise.


I am so totally destroyed by onlinewebtraders.I stopped using their service many months ago, but forgot to unsubscribe straight away.

Anyway nearly 11 months passed, and then I remembered that I needed to cancel, so I went back through all my emails and found the address I where I was instructed to send a letter requesting signed cancellation, which I have done. I posted it recorded delivery as asked to do. I sent emails and using the contact procedure at the time advising of all this. i WAS STILL WITHIN SOME DAYS OF A MONTHS NOTICE SO I FELT ALL SHOULD STILL BE OK.

I have spent the last month sending emails and trying in vain to contact or call someone to confirm this was all sorted out. I am blue in the face from trying. EVERYTHING I HAVE EMAILED TO THEM SINCE THE 10/11 OCTOBER up to 16 November 2010 HAS BEEN IGNORED, and now £89 of money that isn't mine has been taken again. I do not work at the moment so £89 = over a week of living and food to me, which has totally s*****d me.

I literally don't know what to do. I think the telephone service is a joke. I was trying recently and some woman in Scotland kept answering. All other time i have just failed completely to get through, waiting over 45 mins, AND JUST WASTING MY MONEY ON THE CALLS.



I paid for a website, but it was on for a month. And now it is not existing. I sent e-mails but with no replies.


These people that dont think it is a scam above are obviously employees or something cause dropshitland is a scam!!!


They are a SCAM, overpriced too, there product line is NOT theirs, they have to distrbutor relations.

I think soon they will be sued in court, its coming.

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